Continuous Ember Upgrades

Let us keep your application on the latest versions of Ember, Ember CLI, Ember Data, and other addons.

Focus on your business. We won't let you fall behind.

Each month, we'll update all of your application's Ember-related dependencies to their latest stable versions, handle all deprecations, and check for regressions in your supported browsers and platforms.

Develop momentum

You have a goal to achieve; you don't have time to pause development to upgrade your frontend framework.

Build efficiently

Your development team is specially trained in your business domain; let them make good use of that expertise.

Stay current

Staying on the current stable release allows your team to use newly released addons and educational resources.

Ready to offload your upgrade burden?




We continuously check for releases of your application's Ember-related dependencies.


When there is a new release, we update your code to work with the new version.


We check that those changes have no ill effects in your currently supported platforms & browsers.


We create a pull request with our changes, including documentation of new and deprecated syntax.


Merge at your leisure. We'll keep updating the pull request until you're ready to accept it.

About us

Code All Day is a small consulting company run by us — Michelle Santarsiero and Katie Gengler. Together, we have over 18 years of professional web development experience.

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Why we're the ideal dependency-updating team

We've been using Ember since 2012.

We've closely followed Ember's development over the years while using it in production on many apps. We've upgraded Ember too many times to count...

We know addons inside and out. We created and maintain EmberObserver.com.

We look at every addon that is created or updated. We've also created a couple of addons of our own, including `ember-feature-flags`.

We're dependency experts. We created `ember-try`.

`ember-try` is an addon used to run an Ember test suite with different sets of dependencies, to ensure compatibility.

Ready to offload your upgrade burden?


Plans & Pricing


  • Necessary code changes
  • Handling of deprecations

Starting at


per month
per application

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Eligible applications have reasonable test coverage and fewer than 20 non-core addons.

Not sure if you're eligible? We'll take a look at your application as part of the sign-up process and let you know, no commitment.


  • Necessary code changes
  • Handling of deprecations
  • Write-up of the changes in the dependency
  • Check your application post-upgrade on the browsers and platforms you support
  • Keep pull-requests updated until you are ready to merge them

Starting at


per month
per application

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  • Exclusive access to a private Slack channel
  • We'll sign your custom NDA
  • Negotiable terms
  • Your choice of payment method

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