Isn't Ember already easy to upgrade?

We think so.

Ember's commitment to "stability without stagnation" has made upgrading Ember a nicer experience than any third-party dependency we've worked with.

Then why would I need this service?

Upgrades aren't without effort. Ember.js releases a stable version every six weeks or so; even if it goes perfectly well every time, that can still be a substantial amount of time out of a schedule.

For every release of Ember.js or Ember CLI or Ember Data, to say nothing of any addons you are using, you need to be aware of the release, find time to update the dependencies, remove or suppress any deprecations, and check the result on the platforms and browsers your application supports.

Addons don't necessarily have the same commitment to not break your application that core-supported libraries do. Ember.js itself may accidentally cause regressions in a patch release.

Wouldn't your team's time be better spent on features in your application? Let us handle the upgrade tasks for you.

This service frees up your team to work on your product, gives your team the freedom to use new addons, and keeps your application on the latest versions.

If Ember releases every six weeks, won't there be some months with nothing to upgrade?

There will be some months with no Ember.js upgrades to implement, but we're willing to bet there won't be any months without any Ember-related dependencies to upgrade.

Between Ember.js, Ember CLI, Ember Data, and any other Ember addons your application uses, something is likely to have been released recently.

With our service, you get the benefits of a fixed monthly cost, no matter how many dependencies need to be upgraded and no matter how easy or difficult they are to upgrade.

Are major releases covered?


What do you mean by "Ember-related dependencies"?

Ember.js, Ember Data, Ember CLI, and, any Ember addons you may use.

Will my app qualify for the lowest pricing?

If your application is on Ember CLI, is on at least Ember.js v2.0, and has a test suite, then it will very likely qualify for the lowest pricing.

If you're missing any of these requirements, we can give you a custom quote to fulfill these requirements.

I have an unanswered question!

Send us a message or contact 'katie' on the Ember Community Slack.

Ready to offload your upgrade burden?